Rune & Tarot readings....

A combination of Runes & Tarot cards,

The purpose of this reading is if you have a specific question in mind or situation in your life you want to gain some clarity on. Great for when you feel 'lost' or in need of guidance on your path or at the beginning of a new venture.

The Tarot & Runes work well together to give to a full view of the energetic attachment in the situation & a higher perspective on the outcome, these readings are intuitive & insightful, you will leave feeling a sense of purpose & ability to move forward.

Reading costs £35

contact me to book.

Tea leaf reading parties ~

Tea leaf reading parties☕️

Afternoon tea with a touch of mysticism…
A relaxed afternoon of delicious early grey tea, cakes & tasseomancy, the art of tea leaf reading is an age old form of divination, through the use of tea bags these days it’s a tradition that is being lost, here we are bringing loved ones together through this delightful practice, a real treat for family & friends!
A great alternative for birthdays, hen do’s or anniversaries…
Contact Emma @ Wyrd Enchantress to book your tea leaf reading morning or afternoon.
£35 per person.




Contact us to book....