The powerful journey of Runes for Inspiration & transformation....

My journey with Runes began a few years ago, I've always been drawn to & worked with sigils and symbols but the runes have always been whispering to me to work with them, however at first I found it hard to absorb the information from them between 2010 - 2012, so I left them alone for a while.... in 2015 they called to me again & I would work them into my rituals & daily practices sporadically till in 2019 I began a course called 'The Call of the Shaman' in Glastonbury, England with my teachers Kestrel & Jay Oakwood of the Bridget Healing Centre, through this course I found their teachings gave me a way to access the runes on a deeper level and over the past couple of years I have worked with the runes as a tool in my therapies & general everyday life..... through working with the runes daily it as allowed me to observe myself in many ways, they have helped me work through metal health issues, anxiety, low mood & existential crisis, it has brought a much needed structure to my work and how I live my life today, totally transforming my direction and enabling me to be authentic to myself in all aspects of my life.....

I now offer therapies combining Runes and 'Archtypes' to help others find focus and direction, transforming your life with a tool that will allow you to 'see' deeper than what's on the surface & how to intergrate that into your daily life.

I strongly believe that the only way to help a person transform their lives is to show them the tools to help themselves....

To book a Rune therapy please click the link, £50 per 1 hour session (available face to face or via zoom:


I also take great pride & pleasure in creating wooden runes!

From wood I've seasoned, mostly Willow, I personally cut the discs, burn the rune on & use an ancient ceremonial ritual to activate the runes energy into each one (24 runes) with love & intention of the highest good, oiled & consecrated in a handmade leather pouch with instructions.

You can purchase your own bag of runes for £45 (price includes shipping, for remote areas may include additional cost) by clicking the link below:

If Runes have been whispering to you, this may be the journey you were waiting for, getting started with runes is an exciting journey but must be taken with intention, respect & intergrity.

(To gain a deep, authentic knowledge of how to use your Runes I recommend a visit to my teachers @ The Bridget Healing Centre, Glastonbury, England).