A safe space for you to acknowledge your 'soul needs', a space for you to feel held, to feel heard and able to move through the stories, work through the conditioning/illusions to find your true purpose, guiding you to accept and acknowledge all aspects of your being, these sessions enable you to awaken your true spirit, bring healing to areas that are in need of nurturing, transmuting & removing blocks to your personal power & moving through the fear, enabling you to work through current challenges in your life & work through/acknowledge pain from the past, giving you the support & courage you need to move forward.

This a relaxing therapy, using different techniques that I am guided to use during the session based on your needs and upon reading your energy, the energy I channel into you is through the highest good of yourself and works on all aspects of your being, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, you may find some areas causing you physical pain are relieved during and after the session, some people have stated they feel lighter & their outlook/perspective changes post therapy, each session is different and how frequently you require a session is based on your needs.

Examples of reasons people choose this therapy:

Anxiety, Depression, feeling lost/alone, existential crisis, physical pain, grief, guilt, shame, anger, addictions & tried every other alterative, at their wits end!!

These sessions cost £50.
Please contact me to book.

One of the marvels of the world is the sight of a soul sitting in a prison with the key in its hand - Rumi