Wheel of the Year, order of the Wiccan holidays, as the replica of the phases of the Moon and spiral goddess of fertility, wicca woman sign, vector isolated on black starry sky background

Every now and then we just need a little extra courage and protection...

I create, charge, bless and concecrate magickal items for you, these items are rings you can wear as pendants or can be sized by your ring size, they are designed to empower you or protect you, based on your needs, we even offer ones for couples, a sacred gift to each other for special occasions...

I work with the Runes and talking through with you what your needs are, then I will get creating your item, depending on the moon phase at the time you purchase, depends on when your item will be ready, between new moon to full moon (waxing phase) is usually best but this will depend on your talisman/amulet needs.

Amulets - Items made for the purpose of protecting your energy, useful for anybody in a stressful environment,  or one who works with spiritual energy frequently.

Talismans - Items made for the purpose of personal power, useful for anybody going for interviews/positive outcomes in opportunities, strength and courage.

Disclaimer: These items can help empower your needs but sometimes your action is required to gain the outcome desired and remember 'be careful what you wish for' as sometimes what you ask for doesn't manifest in the way you expect! If they are to be wedding bands or gift to a lover they will be for the protection & greatest good of your relationship.

I will guide you through the best option for your desired result and the intention will be for the greater good.

Once purchased I will contact you within 24hrs to arrange your session in designing your amulet/talisman (all items will be made with wood & crystals) & working out your needs.

(Please contact me for examples of Amulets/Talismans designed previously if you prefer to know what to expect)

click/copy the link to purchase your item, £35 each & comes in its own box with a personalised message for you, if it’s a gift please specify at time of contact:


Contact us to book....