Reiki attunements

Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing Rei - meaning life force and Ki - meaning energy…

It was re-discovered by Dr Mikao Ushui in Japan, after being asked by one of his students ‘how did Jesus heal?’ He went in search of the answer & through his experience & journey passed on through a long lineage we can pass this gift on through attunement to the Reiki energy…

You will learn the Reiki principles & Reiki story as part of the teaching….

I first became attuned to Reiki in 2009 and have experienced and grown with the community of Reiki masters around me, I am a registered member with the UK REIKI FEDERATION.

Each attunement is given over a weekend, bathing in the Reiki energy, here are the attunements available:

Reiki I - Suitable for all, this weekend focuses on self healing & Reiki treatment plan, after which you will spend 21 days i a cleansing process before you can begin Reiki II. Certificate upon completion.

weekend costs £100

Reiki II - Suitable to those who completed Reiki I, this weekend you will learn the 3 main Reiki symbols, how to draw them, their meaning & how to apply them in healing. As a practitioner level you will be given guidance on starting your own Reiki practice, certificate upon completion.

Weekend costs £120

Reiki III - Suitable to those who completed Reiki II, this weekend you will learn 2 master symbols, how to draw them, their meaning & how to apply them in healing.
Certificate upon completion.

Weekend costs £150 

Contact me to find out when the next attunement weekend is running.


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High Frequency Distant healing Word Tag Cloud - cupped hands with white light beside a DISTANT HEALING word cloud against a pink blue resonating energy field
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