Chakra wisdom working

Follow link for a short demo of what I do….

This is rune is for you…..

Check out this video If you stumbled upon this video, it is just for you! Click the link to watch:

Connection to past self meditation

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We are all like the moon….

We are all like the moon ~ We have our light that we shine & illuminate at times, but we also have our darkness, our shadows which we hide…. The dark moon is approaching & it whispers to us to look into our darkness, into our shadows, what are you hiding, rejecting & not accepting…

New moon intentions

Watch this short YouTube video ~ setting intentions

Love, love, love…

Being in LOVE is a state of being… A place you can live with all of your heart & soul, a beautiful feeling that can be achieved by allowing yourself to open up to the feeling, surrendering to vulnerability, imagination & joyfulness… Love can be found in the simplest of things, you can fall in…

Ostara/Spring equinox 2022

  Ostara/spring equinox reading ~ Always a great time for new beginnings & exciting inspiring thoughts! For your own personal Ostara reading contact me… Tarot & Rune readings  

Short video ~ sun salutation

Watch the full video here: This is just a short demo of breath work, sun salutation & relaxation… Video not specified. Please select one to display.


Yoga is so much more than a strong healthy body, to be healthy isn’t just physical, it’s creating consciousness in ourselves mentally, emotionally & on a soul level too… My Shamanic Yoga classes combine vinyasa flow yoga with external discipline, internal discipline, breath control, meditation, concentration & withdrawal of senses, practices for you to integrate…

King of pentacles

The King speaks of triumph, The earthy soils are rich, Through your hard work & determination, Success is just in reach, Hagalaz speaks of shaking things up, Something needs to break before you can fix, Within your time of power, Sudden changes for you are in the midst, So be strong in your endeavours, Don’t…

Imbolc Rune & Tarot guidance….

Imbolc day, The breeze makes me sway, The winds of change are upon us, Twirling the fire, Makes our passions grow higher, Awakening courage within us, It’s time to emerge, to come out of your hide, the birth of a new idea, Your truth has been hidden, But now let it glisten, Go on, breakthrough…

Imbolc/new moon on Malvern hills

Imbolc/ new moon blessings from a top the Malvern Hills…. Awakening the soul this morning with father Sun, grandfather sky & sister moon…. setting intentions for this new moon cycle Whatever your intentions for yourself, commit yourself to what you state, it’s no use setting an intention then forgetting what it was by full moon,…